Bagi rekan-rekan yang suka dengan Chat mungkin mungkin postingan ini dapat berguna.


10q — Baca Ten q = Thank You / terima kasih
10x — Baca Ten x = Thanks
2 — Too or to = Juga (pamitan) msal (mau perg tidur)
2L8 — Too late (telat)
2U2 — To you too (untuk kau juga)
<3>Lihat Troll)
DGAF — Don’t Give A Fuck (Kacangin)
DILLIGAF/D/S — Does it look like I give a flip / fuck / damn / shit (i don't care about you)
DL — Download
DND — Do not disturb / jangan ribut
DOA — Dead on arrival. Error terus waktu masuk Chat
DW — Don’t Worry / janga kuatir
Eh — Huh / What / Hey / Yes
EOM — End of Message / akhr dr pesan
ETA — Estimated time of arrival (waktu dari Proses)
FAQ — Frequently Asked Question(s)/ frekuensi pertanyaan
FFS — For fuck’s sake
Flamer — Orang yang nyari ribut di Chat Room atau Forum(Provokator).
FOAF — Friend of a friend (Teman dari Teman)
FP — First Post
FTFY — Fixed That For You (Benar yang buat kamu)
FU — F*ck you
FUBAR — F*cked up beyond all recognition / repair (Rusak Berat)
FUD — Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FYI — For your information
GBCW — Goodbye Cruel World (Di Pake saat keluar dari room)
GBTW — Get back to work
GD — Good day
GF — girlfriend (girl friend or boy friend)
GFY — Good for you
GGF — Go Get Fucked
GL — Good luck
GJ — Good job
GMTA — Great minds think alike
GOI / GTFOI — Get over it/Get the fuck over it (Dah lupain aja)
GTH (or G2H) — Go to hell
GTG or G2G — ‘Got to go’ or ‘Good to go’
GR8 — Great
HAND — Have A Nice Day
HF — Have fun/High-five
Hit — Satuan untuk banyaknya suatu halaman Blog, Web, Forum di klik
Home page — Halaman awal suatu web / Blog
h/t — Hat tip (Sumber artikel suatu blog)
H8 — Hate
ICB — I Can’t Believe
IDC — I don’t care
IDGAF — I don’t give a fuck
IDK — I don’t know
IHY — I hate you
IIRC — If I recall / remember correctly
IIUC — If I understand correctly
ILY — I love you
IMO/IMHO/IMNSHO/IMAO — In my (humble / honest / not so humble / arrogant) opinion
IONO — I don’t knoW
IOW — In other words
IRC — Internet Relay Chat (Contoh aplikasinya adalah MIRC)
IRL — In real life (Di kehidupan nyata)
ISTR — I Seem To Recall
ITA — I Totally Agree
ITYM — I Think You Mean
IWSN — I want sex now
IYKWIM — If you know what I mean
IKWYM — I know what you mean
IKYABWAI — I know you are, but what am I?
JAS — Just a second
JIC — Just in case
JK or j/k — Just kidding, or joke
JSYK — Just so you know
JFTR — Just for the records
JOOC — Just out of curiosity
JW — Just wondering
JFK — Just Fucking Kidding
k — OK
kk - kaka, di gunakan untuk manggil orang yang lebih senior di room / game ol / forum
Kick — mengeluarkan seseorang dari room
KIR — Keeping it real
KISS — Keep it simple stupid.
KIT — Keep in touch
KMA — Kiss my ass
KOS — Kill on sight
KOTC/L — Kiss on the cheek/lips
KTHX — OK, thanks
KTHXBAI or KTHXBYE — OK thanks goodbye, di gunakan untuk pamitan dari chat yang membosankan / tidak menyenangkan
KWIM — Know what I mean?
L2P — Learn to play
L8R — Later
Lag — Suatu user yang Koneksi ke server-nya menjadi lambat, alias putus-putus, latencinya lambat, sehingga reaksi usernya jadi lama, sangat menjengkelkan jika terjadi pada pemaing game ol
Lamer — Gak tau apa-apa, cemen
LFG, LFP — Looking for group, looking for (hunting) party. Pemain game yang sendirian di game ol
LFM — Looking for more
LIMH- Laughing in my head
LMAO, LMFAO, LMMFAO — Laughing my ass off, laughing my fucking ass off, laughing my motherfucking ass off
LMIRL — Let’s meet in real life. (Kopi darat = ketemuan yukss)
LMK — Let me know
LOFL — Laughing out fucking loud
LOL — Laughing out loud, laugh out loud. (Ketawa terbahak bahak)
LOTI — Laughing on the inside
LTNS — Long time no see
Lulz — Slangnya LOL (kayak orang indo yang bikin slang ke anjrot dari anjrit, dimana anjrit itu slang dari anjing)
Lurker — Cuma masuk ke room / forum tanpa ikut berpartisipasi, cuma baca-baca aja
LYLAB — Love you like a brother
LYLAS — Love you like a sister
Meh — Gak serum, boring, biasa di pake di forum or comment di blog.
MMORPG, MMO — Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (Game OL RPG)
MMOFPS — Massive Multi-player Online First Person Shooter (Game OL FPS)
MOTD — Message of the day
MS — Microsoft
MTFBWY — May The Force be with you (hNAYA UNTuk Fans Star Wars)
MYOB — Mind your own business
M8 — Mate
N — No
N1 — Nice one
N2M — Not(hing) too much
N2B — Not too bad
NE1 — “Anyone”
Newbie — Pemula, Biasa di tulis dengan kata Nubiee
noob, or n00b — Newbie yang bego dan berelebihan
NFW — No fucking way
NP — No problem
NTY — No, Thank You
O RLY — Oh really?
OH OK — Ok yang nyindir
OIC — Oh, I see
OFN — Old fucking news
OMG — Oh, my Gosh/God
OMFG — Oh, my f*cking God
OMW — On my way
ONL — Online
OS — Operating system
OT — Off topic, di forum /room di pake untuk nanya / bahas sesuatu yang bukan topik room / forum
OTOH — On the other hand
OTP — On the phone
P2P — Peer to peer, atau pay to play
PAW — Parents are watching ( chatnya lagi di awas bokap )
Ping — Di gunakan untuk nanya seberapa cepat koneksi dia ke server
PHD — Perverted Homosexual Donkey
PHDF — Perverted Homosexual Donkey F*cker
PITA — Pain in the arse / ass
PLMK — Please let me know
plz or pls — Please
PM — private message / jAPRI
::POOF:: — mENGHILANG Gaya Ninja
POV — Point of view
PPL — People
pr0n — Porno
pwned or pwnd — Owned, dimampusin dalam game ol
QT — Cutie (Cakep)
RL — Real Life
RO(T)FL — Rolling on (the) floor laughing
RO(T)FLMAO — Rolling on (the) floor laughing my ass off
RO(T)FLOL — Rolling on (the) floor laughing out loud
RTFFAQ — Read the f*cking FAQ
RTFQ — Read the f*cking/fabulous (polite)/freaking (polite) question
RTFS — Read the f*cking source[5]
RTFM/RTM — Read the (f*cking) manual
RYC — Regarding your comment
SCNR — Sorry, could not resist
sk8/sk8r — skate/skater
SLG - Super Laggy Game. Game yang lag banget servernya
Smiley — Another name for emoticons
SMH — Shaking my head
SNAFU — Situation normal: all (fucked/fouled) up (Alias GAGAL TOTAL alias MISSION FAILED)
Snail mail — Normal paper mail service
Spider — Program yang menentukan halaman-halaman search engine dengan cara menjelahi semua link link yang ada di suatu halaman web
Sry — Sorry
STFU — Shut the fuck up
STFW — Search the fucking web
SWIM — Someone Who Isn’t Me
SRSLY — seriously
T4P — Tell for people
TBF — Time between failures
TBH, TBQH — To be (quite) honest
TG — That’s great
TGIF — Thank God it’s Friday
TH(N)X, TNX or TX — Thanks
TIA — Thanks in advance
TISNF — This is so not fair
TL;DR — Too Long; Didn’t Read, POST / BLOG / MESSAGE yang panjang banget sehingga malas untuk di bacanya
TMI — Too much information
TOS — Terms of service, Perjanjian antara user dengan penyedia layanan
TPW — Top Post Whore
Troll — Rese banget, gak jelas
TTBOMK — To the best of my knowledge
TTFN — Ta ta for now
TTT — rada mirip sama BUMP. To The Top
TTTH — Talk to the hand
TTYL — Talk to you later (also spelled TTUL, T2UL or T2YL)
TTYS — Talk to you soon
TTYTT — To Tell You The Truth
Tweedler — Pecinta teknologi
TWIMC — To Whom It May Concern
TY or Thx — Thank you
TYT — Take your time
U, Ur — You, your, you’re
URW — You are/you’re welcome
UTFSE — Use the fucking search engine
VB(SE)G — Very big (shit-eating) grin.
VWG/S — Very wicked grin/smile.
W/ or W/O — With or without
WB — Welcome back (Di gunakan saat menyambut orang yang baru saja masuk dari room setealh sebelumnya keluar)
WBU — What ‘Bout (about) You
WD — Well Done
W/E — Whatever
WP — Well Played
WRT — With respect / regard to
WRUD — What are you doing?
WTB — Want to buy
WTF — What the f*ck
WTG — Way to go
WTH — What the hell, What the heck
WTS — Want to sell, Wanita Tuna Susila
WTSHTF — When The Shit Hits The Fan
WTT — Want to trade
WUBU2 — What (have) you been up to?
WUG — What you got?
WUM — Wind-Up Merchant
WUW — What you want?
WYSIWTF — What you see is what the f*ck, untuk menjawab sesuatu yang sudah jelas
WYSIWYG — What you see is what you get (Yang di lihat sama dengan yang akan di dapat, misalnya tampilan di WORD, saat di cetak hasilnya sama perSis dengan yang di komputer )
W8 — Wait
Y — Yes, Why
YA RLY — Yeah Really
YHBT — You have been trolled.
YHL — You have lost
YKW — You know what?
YT — You there?
YTMND — You’re The Man Now, Dog
YW — You’re welcome.
YOYO — You’re On Your Own.
YOYOW — You own your own words.
ZOMG (sometimes OMGZ) — slang untuk OMG

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